vinAmité News

Issue 9


This is our ninth year of production. It just keeps getting better every year. We are thrilled to be hosting a series of food and wine promotions—from Christmas, St.Valentine’s, St.Patty’s, Mother’s Day to Easter and many more—making for a constant set of offerings and wine/food pairings and tastings in our Wine Lounge.

Catherine, our winemaker extraordinaire, has just released our white selection of the year. I urge you to order if you’re interested because they won’t last too long. I must stress that this vintage is the best vintage of all with each wine on its own strengths without compromise.

Our Pinot Gris was treated with extra time on its skins, thank you Catherine, for a richer take

on such a popular grape. You must try it and if you’re a Pinot Gris fan, order it now! We have had constant orders for a wine that we were all sold out of, but now hold back in stock: our vinAmité Viognier, an aromatic fruit explosion, dry and balanced like all our wines, and yet defying description. All you Viognier fans patiently waiting: now is the time!

Wait! There’s more. Chanson d’amour, our stellar white blend is back and is a solid contender for most popular summer wine all year round. And, like the two wines above, thanks to this year’s remarkable vintage and Catherine’s magic touch, added complexity. One of vinAmité’s benchmark wines is yet another estate favourite and long-held secret by its fans, is our Chardonnay. Yes folks, we finally have our 2020 barrel-aged, light and happy Chardonnay for your table and your cellar.

Speaking of your cellar, another original from the family estate and a joy to so many loyalists,

For those light red wine fans who seem to be increasing in numbers every year comes the vinAmité 2021 Gamay Noir. All of these wines are available now. If you live somewhere in British Columbia, you may come across vinAmité in a store near you. We started a new distributor relationship last year which proved promising and have increased our allocation as a result. Let us know if you come across our wines near you. We’d love to hear from you. Especially if you’re in a wine enthusiast community and would like to see us near you.

As for the rest of Canada, we continue to offer door-to-door delivery. Every year, our wines are opened in Canada’s great provinces with our best wishes and constant invitation to come and see us in person as so many of you do. We are grateful for the many friends from all walks of life who have become part of our family of wines and people. We love you all, and thank you very much for your friendship and loyalty to vinAmité and the Coulombe family and Friends.


Ray Coulombe