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Welcome to vinAmité Cellar’s 2017 season!

This is our first Post of 2017, so Spring is finally here. We have a lot of exciting news for this Spring’s release, with a total of eight wines in this year’s release compared to our portfolio of  six wines last year.

In addition to Pinot Gris (136 cases), and balanced oaked Chardonnay (117 cases) as our single varietal white wines, we’re releasing a new white aromatic blend, Chanson d’amour (song of love, 207 cases) a blend of Orange Muscat and Pinot Gris to round out the collection for our vinAmité white wine enthusiasts.

Our red wine selection has also grown with an interesting release of two entirely new wines. In addition to our Beaujolais-style single varietal Gamay Noir (260 cases), vinAmité’s two red blends Compass (190 cases) and Hidden Corner (176 cases), we’re introducing yet another interesting red blend style called Petit Claret (218 cases) for you to discover and enjoy. Each of our three red blends have a distinct character of their own.

Finally, we’re introducing and releasing, a single varietal Petit Verdot in limited quantity (only 70 cases)! Before I go further on the Petit Verdot, let me say this quickly:

It may be a great idea for you to join our easy and flexible vinAmité Wine Club. You get 15% off all purchases throughout the year and you can make up mixed cases of your favourites when you order your minimum case of 12 and a case of 6 at a later date. Plus you get other benefits too.

The reason I mention this now is that our rare Petit Verdot, with such a small number of cases, goes ‘first choice’ to vinAmité Wine Club Members, and in some cases as Special Reserve for sommeliers and other serious wine collectors to lay down. As always vinAmité Wine Club Members get first choice on all our wines, a free cheese plate on their next visit, preferential seating on the Terrace overlooking the vineyard, door-to-door delivery, and more…

If you’ve dropped by before to visit us at our Winery Lounge, we hope you’ll drop by again. There are rumours of an outdoor gas grill coming to the terrace coming this summer for little bits of down-home offerings added to our Appie Platters.

Our Coulombe family looks forward to your visit this season and introduce you to some of our new vinAmité wines taken from our selection of fine wines. If you can’t make it to the winery, we’ll put together a selection of wines for door-to-door delivery. Just email us at info@vinamitecellars. Have a great Spring Season and hope to see you or hear from you soon!