vinAmité News

Issue 1


Name change from vinPerdu to vinAmité

vinPerdu Cellars Inc. is pleased to announce that their line of fine wines previously sold under the name vinPerdu will now be available to the public under the name vinAmité. The change in name will avoid any potential confusion between our line of fine South Okanagan wines and an American red wine blend named VinPerdu. 

The change also reflects an evolution from being a ‘lost wine’ to one that has been found and welcomed by the many customers who experience the harmony of our line of fine wines and of our hospitality and wine-making philosophy. 

vinAmité: Harmony, a meeting of minds, a joining of Old World and New World approaches, a family of wines for family and friends. Living in harmony with each other and with our wines is felt by customers who visit us and get to know our wines. 

vinAmité. From our family to your glass with the same harmonious family ownership and our trademark warm and welcoming atmosphere to serve you unhurried in our comfortable vinAmité Wine Lounge, the Outdoor Terrace overlooking the vineyard, the Club Room, and offering a sumptuous Appie Platter, non-pasturized local cheese plate, nuts, compotes, jellies, fresh exotic local breads and more from our Local Deli counter. 

Our wines are also a harmonious family of their own with something for everyone: vinAmité Pinot Gris, vinAmité Chardonnay, vinAmité Gamay Noir, NEW! vinAmité Hidden Corner, vinAmité Compass, and vinAmité Cabernet Franc. 

As part of this rebranding, vinPerdu Cellars Inc. is also changing its name to vinAmité Cellars Inc. but only the name has changed. There are no changes to our line of fine wines other than their natural evolution over time. vinAmité and the Coulombe family ownership of vineyard and winery look towards the future, leaving the past behind. Bienvenue!

Welcome to vinAmité! Small is the new big. Still hiding in plain sight.