Twenty years a vineyard! Twenty years a vineyard! That’s right, 20 years. The estate vineyard was actually part-planted in 1999 and finished in 2000. Over the last seven vintages, Catherine, our winemaker, and I have been looking forward to separating our two Chardonnay blocks, our Senior and Junior blocks as we call them. These two wonderfully tasty but subtly different Chardonnays will, for the first time, be separated, now that we clearly see the differences, into their own bottling. How in fact we’ll separate them on the label for you remains to be decided once the wines have rested in their own dedicated barrels for 14 months. This is only one way we will honour this vineyard of twenty years for the excellent Chardonnay its terroir has produced over the years and gained its enthusiastic following. Stay tuned for more in the future… If you notice in my last posting of this past summer, this was becoming the start of a new era here at vinAmité Cellars, the era of covid-19. We started our season, as did we all in the industry, with trepidation and anxiety over the effects the pandemic was to have on our business, let alone our chosen lifestyle. Catherine, also manager of the wine shop, took it all in, digested our government’s health care recommendations to heart, and produced one of the safest wineries to visit—and feel safe while visiting us. Everything we did, we saw as an inhibitor to our easy and relaxed atmosphere where people came to sit, have a tasting or a glass of their favourite, and stay a while to visit.No casual drop bys anymore. From the moment we opened, we were By Reservation Only. We set up a system for it, and it was an instant success from our first day, with reservations made months ahead and for every day for the whole season. Never to sit on our laurels, we also offered a wonderful world of new Canadian cheeses,duck confit, duck rillettes, our own dry sausage and more, for purchase. To replace the food on table, we created a large vinAmité Box filled with a discovery of foodie delights.People have come in since for a few more pairings of bottles of wine with a Box to go.In its own way, covid-19 has created for us an invention from the mother of adversity that has more than satisfied all safety precautions and risen vinAmité’s expectations to another level of satisfaction. So, in anticipation of next Spring here in the southern valley, you can expect to visit our same warm, welcoming staff within the ‘By Reservation Only’ system and know that your favourite wines await you as always. As for the rest of this momentous 2020, we are planning to stay open through the rest of this crazy year in determined spite of itself. Our outside heaters are going strong. Bring your favourite blanket, and as of today for a fleeting moment, some surprising snow on the ground to observe down below the elevated patio and on the hill in our twenty year old estate vineyard that has served us so well. It’s a beautiful sight. Quick, before it melts! Till next time!      

Twenty years a vineyard!