Chanson d'amour during COVID-19 Greetings dear readers and wine enthusiasts! Clearly, it has been some time since I have contributed to The vinAmité Post. Much has happened to this Valley and all of Canada during this international attack by the killer virus now known as Covid-19. When it comes to wineries as the spread of this virus continues into the second half of this year, all wineries are now finally re-opening under new government health guidelines which affect how we accommodate our wine customers within the walls of our tasting rooms and their outside areas. Because each winery is different in structure and design, the guidelines must be interpreted to fit each winery’s situation. Those who do not comply for the safety of their guests and employees will be fined by the health authorities. The good news is that vinAmité has taken those guidelines to heart and have restructured our tasting room and outdoor patio to accommodate our friends and wine enthusiasts who expect a little more from their experience at vinAmité. We’re happy to announce that the new releases are ready as expected with the exception of the heavier reds which need more time in the bottle. The line-up has not changed: Petit Claret, Compass, Hidden Corner and Petit Verdot. Those of you familiar with the limited release of Ouest, our traditionally-styled port wine of two years ago, will be happy to know that we are releasing this year our 5-years in barrel port. Our first port release was one French barrel at 3 years aged in barrel. This year 2020 will see the release of two barrels of 5 year old port. In addition to your old favourites of Chanson d’amour, Chardonnay and Gamay Noir, we are releasing a surprise from our winemaker Catherine Coulombe: Malbec! It’s a juicy, lighter fruit-forward wine all its own and a great addition to the start of summer along with the other three in this line-up. We had a soft opening on Father’s Day weekend and I’m gratified to say all went well as we opened under the new Covid-19 rules. As part of the new offerings, you will receive an etched wine glass to take home with you as part of the $15 tasting fee. The tasting experience will become that more meaningful knowing that you will have your own personal wine glass to take home with your wine purchases. We hope to see you soon. If the rest of the summer was anything like our soft opening, we will see as many of you as can or want to travel. Home delivery was also very heavy, especially during a very special spring two-day promotion we offered club members earlier with Lariana and Fairview Cellars and other wine enthusiasts over the internet. As you can see, we have almost everything in wine you need plus a few surprises in the portfolio for you to enjoy. Come see us soon!            

Chanson d'amour during COVID-19